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Machiavellians, Manipulators, Mediocrities and Malevolent Actors


Nov 17, 2022

Nigeria is not merely plagued by poverty but extreme poverty, which the UN defines “as a condition characterised by severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education and information and it depends not only on income, but also access to services.” This kind of poverty is synonymous with deep poverty, abject poverty, absolute “destitution” and or penury in extremity.

Poverty is a widespread, catholic, global socio-economic cancer, but it is now a resident, pervasive, intractable, ravaging cancer in Nigeria aggravated, not alleviated, by kleptocracy, maladministration, injustice, monstrous leadership and man’s inhumanity to man. It has kept on escalating and exacerbating the welfare of Nigeria and Nigerians unchallenged, uncaged today and perhaps in the distant future. The case of poverty in Nigeria is paradoxical, paradoxical in the sense that Nigeria is one of the richest climes in the globe in terms of natural wealth, yet the citizens languish in abject or extreme poverty and marooned and stymied and deserted by affluence and in the desert of dilemma, disease, dejection and dearth. It is saddening and pathetic enough that despite the incontrovertible fact that God, in His theosophy, has created and provided our needs for our survival and existence and convenience, many still barely survive or loathingly languish in poverty, not to even talk about the billions who have been killed by poverty in Nigeria from inception. Nigeria is a patent, perfect and pellucid picture of a country punished, paralysed and plagued by pernicious poverty in its extremity. Many are twins, Siamese twins, to ineradicable poverty, yoked to its odious, nefarious effects. Many are not better than slaves because of poverty, taught the bitter and hard lessons of this cancer because of the callous, monstrous and maleficent leaders, employers, rulers and religious leaders. Over half of the 206.10 million Nigerians have been beaten, bitten, broken and battered by leaders orchestrated poverty to the extent that they hardly could retain their human dignity or have at least two square meals a day, let alone being able to provide for their health, accommodation, education and other basic daily needs or for their dependants.

According to reports, Nigeria has one of the world’s highest economic growth rates in the world averaging 7.4%. Ironically, Nigeria has one of the highest rates of extreme poverty globally. This shows that Nigerians are theoretically rich or are rich on paper but practically and veraciously poor, caged and killed by famine, fighting, fearsome sickness and other factors traceable to poverty. The level of poverty has so much exacerbated to the extent that parents send their children on ‘suicide mission’ for prostitution, crimes, dawn-to-dusk hawking and other vicious activities.

Truly, there are factors responsible for this detestable or nauseating situation. This is majority and primarily caused and worsened by bad governance and government piloted or run by kleptocrates, questionable plutocrats, unconscionable and marble breasted patricians and politicians who take pleasure in stealing billions of dollars for their families and themselves with nothing but poverty left for the ones they claim they are governing. It is the duty of a responsive and responsible government to better the lots of the citizens by eradicating or mitigating the menace of poverty; but our own brand of government enervates means of acquiring wealth and embitters the lots of the masses by escalating and entrenching poverty since they benefit from the evil and vicious status quo and state of things. The lives of bemused and beggarly Nigerians revolve around the menacing, minatory, vicious circle of poverty.

The cruel, corrupt, cupid, clueless, incompetent, ignorant, devilish, devious, dubious, nefarious governors and governments have had no welfare schemes for the poor and hopeless Nigerians. The income generated from the nation’s copious resources are meant for few digarch’s fraudulent enrichment, embezzlement, aggrandisement, frivolities and families while the nation as a family of hungry and hopeless people rot and wallow in perpetual and punitive poverty. No plans to cushion the effects of the biting and back breaking yoke of poverty on the masses who live like mendicants or beggars in the midst or ocean or oodles of resources and wealth. Secondary and intentionally, the government does nor provide jobs for the masses nor encourage private sectors to do so; after all, leadership is by emulatory examples. No doubt, poverty plus joblessness gives us death, dearth, debacle, disease, disasters and destitution. These are our true and transpicious portion and picture.

Besides, enabling environment is not provided by the government for economic and commercial activities to boom and bloom so that the poor could have jobs or better still be employed, even if seasonally to beat down the menace of poverty and joblessness. No attention is given to the provision of amenities like roads, markets and power supply for businesses to thrive. Loans are not given to those credible and credit worthy citizens who want to venture into businesses or start up their businesses. Business activities are further crushed or completely collapesd by worsening and deteriorating cases of insecurity, terrorism and organised criminality, killings and orchestrated killings and wanton destruction of private and public property. This means we now live in dystopia and remain dreaming of utopia, and having only tales of woes to tell and ordeals and nightmares to experience and ‘enjoy’.

Also, the government does not intend to solve the endemic and systemic educational corruption and problems that have made most of our graduates unemployable or worsened illiterates on graduation from the universities and polytechnics. Another compounding problem is that scholarships and bursary awards are not provided for the paupers who cannot afford sponsoring their education as a means of liberating themselves from the shackles and cesspit of poverty and the web of unemployment.

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