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Nov 17, 2022

We all know poverty may be caused by ignorance, indolence, illiteracy, health problems and other factors, but if the hibernating and directionless government becomes fully functional and active and plays its part well, poverty will be drastically reduced and caged. If poverty must be practically and absolutely arrested or eradicated, we must have functional government free of ineptitude, turpitude, incompetence, corruption, incompetence, corruption, madness, nepotism, greed, clientelism, selfishness, tribalism, dynasty perpetuation and sectionalism. Until then, Nigerians remain like dogs in different kennels waiting for the knackers to waste them.

Looking at the problem of poverty objectives and rationally, poverty is truly caused by mental and moral poverty. Mental and moral poverty are truly worse than material or pecuniary poverty. It is indeed indispensable and imperative to define and understand the meanings of mental poverty and moral poverty.

According to Urban Dictionary, mental poverty simply means “an impoverished mind. It is a way of living for some. It is a condition and state of mind where there are limited educational resources, one choose to avoid them. It is a system that exists where the norm is ignorance and refusal, refusal to change, try to learn new and better ways of not only thinking but also putting thoughts into action. It is essentially a poor minds.” Mental poverty is synonymous with intellectual poverty and cognitive poverty. Mental poverty is the opposite or converse of intellectual development, cognitive development and germane mental development. When we experience mental poverty, our brains are not fully functional and developed to generate innovative ideas, postulate principles and applicable concepts and principles that turn out to be economically, socially, scientifically and panoramically profitable and lucrative for society’s benefits and development.

Cognition is a product of sound mental development brought on by pure qualitative and quality education. The generation of good useful and development ideas, concepts and notions are traceable to good education. Cognition simply means our thoughts and thought processes, intellect, mind or mental processes, knowledge, psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning.

Mental development processes involve the mind or our intellectual processes. Once our intellectual processes are not developed satisfactorily and profitably, we are truly mentally and intellectually poor. That is why there are graduates bankrupt and bereft of any sound innovative ideas or productively profitable principles which can turn to ocean of wealth or platform for pecuniary profits. When we juxtapose and compare educated people in foreign lands who have helped the world with intellectual property in form of principles, concepts, business ideas, theories etc with our own brand of “educated people”, the difference is clear as our own people will be found to be richly poor, mentally, cognitively, and intellectually.

Ideas rule the world, and ideas bring development and wealth. To be truly rich means to be cognitively sound and to be mentally saturated with productive ideas that can generate wealth for personal and public benefits. Moral development complements mental development; moral poverty complements mental poverty.

Once we generate ideas, we need to give them moral or ethical platform or fertiliser so that they can grow and become helpful, useful and beneficial to society and humanity, not harmful, useless and minatory to society and humanity. This makes moral development imperative and indispensable. But we lack the moral, ethical and upstanding platform and philosophy to grow these ideas, products of cognitive development, and get them metamorphosed to productive, profitable and lucrative assets for development, civilisation and innovation. Moral poverty as published in the Chicago Tribune, is “the poverty of being without loving, capable, responsible adult who teach you right from wrong”.

Moral poverty is also defined as the “poverty of a juvenile experiences being without parents and authorities to habituate them to fell joy at other’s joy, pain at other’s pain, happiness when doing right and remorse when doing wrong”. It is the poverty of growing up in the virtual absence of people who teach morality by their daily example and who insist on following their (good) example”. The above definition is found in the abstract of the publication of the US Department of justice, Office of Justice Programmes” Virtually Library.

Moral and cognitive developments are products of sound education anchored in cognitive development as well as effective development. Without proper education, we are guilty of the seven deadly sins which Mahatma Gandhi sees as the roots of social violence and itemised them as follows:

i. Wealth without work;

ii. Pleasure without conscience;

iii. Knowledge without character;

iv. Commerce (business) without morality (ethics);

v. Science without humanity;

vi. Religion without sacrifice; and

vii. Politics without principles

Education enriches and empowers us morally (affective education) and mentally or intellectually (cognitive education); conversely, ignorance, illiteracy and iniquity emasculate or enervate us morally and intellectually and erode or eliminate every chance of personal and social development, leaving us in a state of perpetual and panoramic poverty paucity and turpitude. The end products of moral and mental poverty are moral and mental bankruptcy, moral decadence and deterioration, cognitive flaws, defective and flawed reasoning, intellectual dearth and deprivation, want of knowledge and useful ideas and character deficiency. Education, our education, which has not enriched us character wise, leaves us in full want of knowledge and wickedness, and totally without development and civilisation.

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